Social Justice - SJ

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500-level courses require graduate standing.

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101 Introduction to Social Justice: Stories and Struggles
3 hours. Introduction to the study of social justice through personal narrative, memoir, and biographies of individuals engaged in social and political change. The linkages between individual and broader social and political struggles. Individual and Society course.

201 Theories and Practices of Social Justice
3 hours. Critical exploration of major theories of social justice, histories of major social justice movements, and theories and analyses of injustice that ignited these movements. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 160. US Society course.

301 Social Justice Capstone
4 hours. Interdisciplinary exploration of community engagement through a combination of academic course work and service learning activity that examines dynamics of social justice work and organizing practices. Prerequisite(s): SJ 101 and SJ 201.

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