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500-level courses require graduate standing.

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101 Java Programming for Information Technology
3 hours. Elementary data types, arithmetic & logical operations, control structures & error handling, methods & functions, introduction to object-oriented programming design & implementation. Emphasis is placed on the development of problem-solving skills. Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in MATH 121. Recommended background: CS 100 or basic computer literacy.

201 Introduction to Computer Configuration and Operating System Software
3 hours. Introduction to concepts of computer configuration, and Operating System Software. Comparisons of commercially available CPU families, peripherals, system performance and evaluation. Discussions of technological developments and commercially available systems. Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in IT 101 or credit or concurrent registration in CS 102 or CS 107.

202 Web and Multimedia Technology
3 hours. Introduciton to internet, multimedia concepts, protocols, and tools. HTML document markup language. Web site design. Script programming for interactive web pages. Creating, editing images, video, and audio for internet use. Programming exercises. Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in IT 101 or credit or concurrent registration in CS 102 or CS 107.

301 Networks and Distributed Computing Technology
3 hours. Introduction to the use of computers on a network. Installation and configuring of networking components: Firewalls, nameserver and gateways. Use of both wired and wireless networks. Prerequisite(s): IT 201.

302 Database Administration and Installation
3 hours. A study of the use of existing databases (bibliographic and non-bibliographic formats), their data structure, processing and retrieval data, integrity and security, and interface design issues. Prerequisite(s): IT 202.

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