UIC Undergraduate Catalog 2009–2011

The online 2009–2011 Undergraduate Catalog is coming in June 2009.

A PDF of the print version of the 2009–2011 Undergraduate Catalog is included below for archival and printing purposes. Course descriptions are also available online at https://catalog.webhost.uic.edu/ucat/courses.

Pages Content
cover 2009–2011 UIC Undergraduate Catalog cover
0–30 How to Use the Catalog, Board of Trustees and Administrative Officers, UIC Organization Chart, Welcome to UIC, Admissions, Registering and Enrolling in Courses at UIC, Student Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid
31–44 Academic Standing, Academic Planning and Progress
45–48 The Savvy Student's Guide to UIC
49–62 General Education: Overview, Program, Core, Proficiencies
63–66 University Degree Requirements, Graduation, and Commencement
67–82 College of Applied Health Sciences
83–112 College of Architecture and the Arts
113–128 College of Business Administration
129–138 College of Education
139–172 College of Engineering
173–176 Honors College
177–207 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of African American Studies, Department of Anthropology, Asian Studies, Biochemistry, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies, Department of Communication, Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of Economics, Department of English
208–226 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Department of Germanic Studies, Department of History, International Studies, Jewish Studies Program, Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Moving Image Arts, Native American Studies, Neuroscience, Department of Philosophy, Department of Physics, Department of Political Science
227–250 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology, Religious Studies, Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures, Department of Sociology, Department of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, Statistics and Operations Research, Preprofessional Studies
251–256 College of Nursing
257–262 College of Pharmacy
263–268 College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
269–270 Course Descriptions: Rubrics
271–-302 Course Descriptions: Academic Skills Program - Criminology, Law, and Justice
303–341 Course Descriptions: Curriculum and Instruction - Latin
342–383 Course Descriptions: Latin American and Latino Studies - Women’s Health Nursing
384–409 Faculty List
410–415 Index
416–419 Travel Directions and Visitor Parking, Campus Map, Academic Calendar