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Graduate Catalog 2006–2008 (PDF)

A PDF of the 2006–2008 Graduate College Catalog is included below for archival and printing purposes. The online catalog will include active links to all of the URLs and email addresses listed in the print catalog.

An archive of previous Graduate College Catalogs is available on the Graduate College Web site


0–4 Academic Calendar and Contents
5–10 Dean’s Message, Graduate and Professional Degree Programs, Campus Certificate Programs, and Welcome to UIC
11–33 Graduate Student’s Guide and Graduate Study at UIC
34–48 Graduate Faculty
49–58 College of Applied Health Sciences Programs
59–66 College of Architecture and the Arts Programs
67–73 College of Business Administration Programs
75–76 College of Dentistry Programs
77–85 College of Education Programs
87–97 College of Engineering Programs
99–101 Graduate College Programs
103–130 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Programs
131–139 College of Medicine Programs
141–144 College of Nursing Programs
145–150 College of Pharmacy Programs
151–154 School of Public Health Programs
155 Jane Addams College of Social Work Program
157–160 College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
161–310 Rubric List, Course Descriptions, and Index
311–315 Travel Directions and Parking, Building Keys, and Campus Maps