Prosthodontics - PROS

Prosthodontics PROS 504 Advanced Dental Materials 3 hours. A seminar course designed to develop an advanced understanding of dental materials and a fundamental knowledge of materials science. Involves a critical evaluation of the literature. Prerequisite(s): REST 320, REST 321, REST 322, REST 323, REST 330 or the equivalent coursework or matriculation into the Advanced Certificate in Advanced Prosthdontics program. 
Prosthodontics PROS 517 Advanced Occlusion/TMJ Disorders 2 hours. A lecture and seminar discussion of the advanced concepts of occlusion, articulation, occlusal analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of functional disturbances. Prerequisite(s): Matriculation into the Advanced Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics program or the M.S. in Oral Sciences program and consent of the department head.