Native American Studies - NAST

Native American Studies NAST 415 American Indian Ethnohistory 3 OR 4 hours. Introduction to ethnohistory, an interdisciplinary approach to researching, conceptualizing, and writing American Indian history. The course is organized topically and centers on classic and current monographs and articles.   Same as HIST 415.  3 undergraduate hours.  4 graduate hours.  Prerequisite(s):  Junior standing or above and consent of the instructor.  Recommended background:  Courses in Cultural Anthropology, American Indian Anthropology, American Indian Literature.
Native American Studies NAST 471 Topics in Native American Literatures 3 OR 4 hours. The history and development of literature by and about American Indians. Content varies. Same as ENGL 471. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated up to 1 time(s). Prerequisite(s): Senior standing or above and 6 hours of English, African American studies, or Latin American studies or consent of the instructor.