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Chemical Engineering

Important Note: This is the archived version of the 2012–2014 Graduate Catalog. The information on these pages was archived on August 22, 2012 and will not be updated as requirement and/or program changes are approved.

Admission Requirements Degree Requirements

Mailing Address:
Department of Chemical Engineering (MC 110)
810 South Clinton Street
Chicago, IL 60607-4408

Campus Location: 216 CEB
Program Codes: 20FS0300MS (MS); 20FS0300PHD (PhD)
Telephone: (312) 996-3424
Web Site:
Head of the Department: Sohail Murad
Director of Graduate Studies: Lewis Wedgewood

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a program leading to degrees in Chemical Engineering at both the master’s and doctoral levels. The primary areas on which this program is based are continuum and molecular fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, macroscopic and microscopic thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and process analysis, microelectronic materials and processing, heterogeneous catalysis and surface science, drug delivery and medical imaging, and biotechnology.

Admission Requirements

The department reviews each applicant on an individual basis. Complete transcripts of all undergraduate and any graduate work must be submitted. In addition to meeting the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following program requirements:

Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

Degree Requirements

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the Graduate College, students must also meet the following program requirements:

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Entering with BS in Chemical Engineering

Entering with MS in Chemical Engineering