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Instructional Leadership

Important Note: This is the archived version of the 2012–2014 Graduate Catalog. The information on these pages was archived on August 22, 2012 and will not be updated as requirement and/or program changes are approved.

Admission Requirements Degree Requirements

Mailing Address:
College of Education (MC 147)
1040 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607-7133

Chicago, IL 60607-7133
Campus Location: 3145 EPASW
Telephone: (312) 996-4532
Program Code:  Early Childhood Education: 20FS8549MED; Elementary Education: 20FS8550MED; Literacy, Language, and Culture: 20FS4070MED; Science Education: TBA; Secondary Education: 20FS8547MED; Educational Studies: 20FS4069MED Policy Studies: 20FS5102MED.
Web Site:
Dean of the College of Education: Victoria Chou
Department Chairperson: Timothy Shanahan
Director of Graduate Studies: William Watkins, Alfred Tatum

The College of Education offers course work which leads to the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership, with concentrations in Early Childhood Education (with strands leading to the MEd only or to Type 04 certificate with an endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education); Elementary Education; Literacy, Language, and Culture (with strands leading to the MEd only, or with the Reading Endorsement, or with the Type 10 certificate); Policy Studies; Secondary Education (Type 09 certificate); Science Education (with a strand leading to the MEd with a Type 09 certificate and a strand with advanced studies in science education only); or Educational Studies, an individualized program designed by the student with the approval of an advisor. The Bilingual and/or English as a Second Language (ESL) approval or endorsement can be awarded with the Type 04, Type 03, Type 10, and Type 09 certificates; contact the College of Education for specific course requirements. The middle school endorsement can be awarded with the Type 03 and Type 09 certificates, or to individuals who already have one of these certificates; see the college Web site for requirements.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are considered on an individual basis. The following requirements for admissions represent recommended minimum levels of performance. Decisions are made on the strength of the overall evidence of academic and professional capacities and on available enrollment space. Applicants to the Secondary Education concentration must submit transcripts from all undergraduate work; applicants to the other concentrations must submit transcripts from the last 60 hours of undergraduate work.  Applicants to all concentrations must also submit transcripts from all postbaccalaureate work. In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following program requirements:

Master of Education

Degree Requirements

In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, students must meet the following program requirements:

Master of Education

Interdepartmental Concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies

Students earning a graduate degree in this department may complement their courses by enrolling in a concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies after consulting with their graduate advisor. See Gender and Women’s Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section of the catalog for more information.