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Additional Opportunities for Graduate and Professional Study

Important Note: This is the archived version of the 2012–2014 Graduate Catalog. The information on these pages was archived on August 22, 2012 and will not be updated as requirement and/or program changes are approved.

Certificate Programs

UIC offers a range of graduate certificate programs for individuals interested in furthering their education after their bachelor’s degree. These programs are offered in a variety of instructional modalities to meet the needs of students for professional advancement, career change, continuing education requirements, or new information acquisition. UIC’s certificate programs are campus-approved and meet the same rigorous standards of quality as all degree programs at UIC. Students who successfully complete a UIC IBHE or Campus Certificate Program receive appropriate documentation testifying to their achievement, and all student transcripts will reflect credit hours/certificates earned. UIC’s certificate programs may be offered in a variety of instructional formats—online, blended, or classroom.

Campus Certificates are listed below. Refer to the Graduate and Professional Degree Programs section for a list of IBHE Certificates.

Campus Certificates

Campus Certificate Program College/School Program Code Program Information
Advanced Community Public Health Practice Public Health 20FY5109NDEU online/description.asp?clg= Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=76
Advanced Practice Cardiometabolic Nursing Nursing 20FS5210NDEU

Advanced Practice Forensic Nursing Nursing 20FS5144NDEU
Advanced Practice Palliative Care Nursing Nursing 20FS5068NDEU
Assistive Technology Applied Health Sciences 20FS5022NDEG

Basic Community Public Health Practice Public Health 20FY5108NDEU
Bioinformatics Engineering 20FS5001NDEU Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=1
Clinical Nurse
Specialist Post-Master's
Nursing 20FS5147NDEG
Educational Research Methodology Education 20FS5208NDEU
e-Government Urban Planning and Public Affairs 20FS5211NDEU  
Electromagnetics Technology Engineering 20FS4076NDEU line/description.asp?clg=Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=4
Emergency Management and Public Health Continuity Planning (EMCP) Business Administration and Public Health 20FY5021NDEU
Engineering Law and Management Engineering 20FS4077NDEU Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=6
Environmental Health Informatics Public Health 20FY4075NDEU  
Geospatial Analysis and Visualization Urban Planning and Public Affairs 20FS5209NDEG
Management and Leadership in the Nonprofit Disability Organization Applied Health Sciences
Methods for Clinical Research Public Health 20FS5189NDEU
Practitioner/Midwifery Post-Master's
Nursing 20FS5146NDEG
Patient Safety, Error Science, and Full Disclosure Medicine 2EFS5141NDEU

Patient Safety Organizations Medicne 2EFS5143NDEU  
Public Health Emergency Preparedness
(Effective Spring 2013)
Public Health 20FY5334NDEU TBA
Public Health Geographic Information Systems Public Health 20FY5282NDEU
Public Health Informatics Public Health 20FY4074NDEU Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=16
Public Health Management Public Health 20FY5212NDEU
Public Health Practice Public Health 20FY5190NDEU TBA
School Nurse Nursing 20FS5025NDEU
Survey Research Methods Urban Planning and Public Affairs 20FS5249NDEU
Teaching/Learning in
Nursing and Health Sciences
Nursing 20FS5145NDEU
Teaching of Economics Liberal Arts and Sciences 20FS5026NDEG
Wireless Communications Technology Engineering 20FS4078NDEU edu/uiconline/description.asp?clg=Program&colid=GF&ProgramID=20

UIC School of Continuing Studies

In support of the campus’ mission to provide access to the highest levels of academic excellence, the School of Continuing Studies collaborates with UIC’s colleges, centers, and institutes to develop and deliver high quality, innovative and timely educational offerings to nontraditional students. Through individual courses and extended programs of study—both credit and noncredit—the SCS meets the educational needs of a wide spectrum of nontraditional learners who are seeking professional development, personal enrichment, career transition, and academic growth. To view current SCS programs, visit and

The MS in Patient Safety Leadership program is administered by the UIC Institute for Patient Safety Excellence (IPSE) in partnership with the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). Degrees for the Patient Safety Leadership program are conferred by the UIC College of Medicine. 

Degree Program College/School Program Code Program Information
Patient Safety Leadership Medicine 27FS5142MSU

UIC Online

UIC has provided flexible and convenient access to quality education since 1998 via the programs offered through UIC Online. These interactive instructor-led programs are ideal for adult learners and working professionals. Student choices range from degree programs, campus-approved certificates, and online courses. Admission to an online program or course at UIC provides online students with the distinct advantage to learn from world-renowned UIC faculty who not only share their knowledge, but are also the creators of knowledge as members of a top research university. Online students have full access to UIC’s support services, robust technical infrastructure, and vast library resources—providing a comprehensive learning environment. To learn more about UIC Online, visit