Pharmacy Practice - PMPR

PMPR 430 Critical Care I 2 hours. Advanced pharmacotherapeutics course that will concentrate on the medical management and the pharmacotherapist's role in the management of the critically ill patient. Prerequisite(s): PHAR 402 and PHAR 403 and PHAR 404 and PHAR 405 and PHAR 406; and completion of the second year of the program. Must enroll concurrently in PHAR 407 and PHAR 408.
PMPR 440 Applied Pharmacokinetics 2 hours. An elective course demonstrating practical application of pharmacokinetic principles. Previously listed as PMPR 340. Scientific calculator required. Prerequisite(s): PHAR 401, PHAR 402, PHAR 403, PHAR 404, PHAR 405, and PHAR 406 or consent of the instructor.