Histology - HSTL

HSTL 451 Oral Histology 4 hours. Comprehensive learning experiences in the structure and function of human tissue, organs, and organ systems with special emphasis on the oral cavity.   Registration in HSTL 452 is required in the Spring term.  Prerequisite(s): Approval of the Department. Students must also register for HSTL 452 in the Spring term.
HSTL 452 Histology II 4 hours. Continuation of HSTL 451.  Provides a baseline of normal structure and function of human tissues necessary for the study of Oral Pathology and advanced courses in Histology.   Prerequisite(s):  HSTL 451; and approval of the department or first year standing in the Doctor of Dental Surgery Program.
HSTL 503 Biology of Mineralized Tissues 2 hours. Lectures and discussion on the formation, structure, and functions of bone, dentin, and enamel. Emphasizes the mechanisms of mineralization. Prerequisite(s): A basic course in histology and consent of the instructor. 
HSTL 504 Fine Structure of Oral Soft Tissues 2 hours. Discussions of electron microscopic research methodologies as applied to oral biology with special emphasis on structural-functional relationships in oral soft tissues. Prerequisite(s): HSTL 401 and HSTL 451 or the equivalents and consent of the instructor. 
HSTL 506 Advanced Oral Histology-Lymphoid Tissues 2 hours. Lectures and discussions on the structure and functions of lymphoid tissues with special interest in orally related diseases. Prerequisite(s): HSTL 401, a course in microbiology and consent of the instructor. 
HSTL 507 Physiological Basis of Pathology 2 hours. Subject matter allied to general pathology but going deeper into physical chemistry and physiological principles, as set forth in N.R. Joseph's "Comparative Physical Biology". Same as PATH 507. Prerequisite(s): HSTL 401 or PATH 421 and PATH 422. 
HSTL 514 Oral Biology Seminar 1 hours. Invited speakers present the progress of current research work in their field of interest related to oral tissues. Same as OMDS 527. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor. 
HSTL 515 Electron Microscopy in Dentistry 1 hours. Principles, theory, and practice of transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis. Processing, sectioning, staining and examination of tissues. Same as OMDS 529. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.