Joint PharmD/PhD Program

Application Procedure

The college invites highly qualified pharmacy students who are interested in both the clinical aspects of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences research to consider the joint PharmD/PhD program. The joint program permits a student to combine the PharmD with any of the PhD programs offered in the college: Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacy (Pharmacy Administration). This makes it possible for students to earn both degrees more quickly than would be possible if each were done separately.

Students already attending the UIC PharmD program may apply for the joint program following the requirements stated below. Students wishing to apply for the joint program at the same time they apply to Pharmacy School should: (1) follow the procedures for applying to the PharmD program; and (2) follow the procedures below for applying to the desired PhD program.

Application Procedure

The following materials should be submitted to the director of graduate studies for the PhD program to which the student wishes to apply:

  • Biopharmaceutical Sciences: Dr. Richard A. Gemeinhart, Room 335 PHARM,
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Dr. John Fitzloff, Room 539 PHARM,
  • Pharmacognosy: Dr. Steven Swanson, Room 302 PHARM,
  • For the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology track in the PhD Pharmacognosy program: Dr. Alexander Mankin, Room 3052 MBRB,
  • Pharmacy (Administration): Dr. Stephanie Crawford, Room 258 PHARM,

Doctor of Pharmacy/Doctor of Philosophy

  • Transcripts Official copies of all prior college work, including the applicant’s PharmD program record (if applicable).
  • Test Scores GRE General Test. The PhD program in Medicinal Chemistry recommends taking and reporting a score for the GRE Advanced Test in Chemistry or Biology.
  • Letters of Recommendation Three required from individuals who can comment knowledgeably on the applicant’s academic abilities and research potential.
  • Statement of Purpose One page in length, setting forth the basis for applicant’s interest in the joint degree program, amplifying on the applicant’s qualifications for admission to the particular PhD program, and explaining how completion of the PharmD and the PhD fits into overall educational and career goals.
  • Deadlines Contact PhD program for the applicable deadline.